Ice Ice Challenge

On Wednesday November 19, 2014 Villanova University hosted an IdeaBounce ICE Challenge in Driscoll Hall. The competition featured 23 teams of both freshmen business students and freshman engineering students. Each team was given ninety seconds to “bounce” an idea to the audience as well as a panel of esteemed judges. This has recently been established and it is expected that this event will carry on for years to come.

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These teams were not only competing for bragging rights among one-another and around campus, but for a cash prize. The top five teams would all go on to receive one hundred dollars as a prize. The top team from each school is now eligible to compete in New York City against many other schools participating in the challenge. This is a nationwide event that is well known and can be seen as quite the accomplishment for whoever wins it.

The judges for this event included some of Villanova’s most respected faculty along with other individuals with prestigious titles to their names including Gary Gabriele and Randy Weinstein of the Villanova Engineering School, Patrick Maggitti and Melinda German of the Villanova School Business, Stacy Martin of Hankin Group, and Bob Simpson of Binker Simpson & Co. The top 5 ideas were selected by these judges based upon the passion of their presentation, the clarity of the idea, and the request for help.

The top idea for the School of Business was the LidLift. The LidLift is a system wherein stepping on a pedal in front of a toilet operates a simple spring system which lifts the seat, protecting it from urine and preventing the need to touch the unsanitary seat. In my eyes, the lone flaw with this invention is the market size, since the LidLift would only be sense full to use in a males bathroom. The top spot for the School of Engineering was a tie between the Therm-Mate and the Umbrello-Pack. The Therm-Mate is a thermos with a crank that would power heating coils on the inside, allowing the owner to heat up any liquid of their choosing whenever they need to, where ever they need to.  The Umbrello-Pack is a backpack with a built in button to shoot out an umbrella and open it above the user’s head for instant use.

All of the students on Villanova’s campus who decided to compete in the ICE challenge all should have expanded their knowledge about how to pitch an idea in front of a group of people, whether it be in a classroom of thirty students or in an auditorium of 500 people including professional businessmen and women. This has also given the students a great opportunity to network, if they made it past the first round; or even be able to make their idea happen and change their life. Little do they know that one day with enough hard work and dedication they could become the next Steve Jobs.

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